Golden Hahnii
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Scientific Name: Sansevieria Trifasciata
This stunning little gem of a plant may be small in stature, but can really make a beautiful and striking impact in your home. Its architectural beauty and natural rosette form gives you the sense of a flower for your indoor garden all year round!
– Max. Height: 20 cm

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Other Common Names: Good Luck Plant, Golden Birds Nest, Sansevieria.
Sunlight: Full Sun, Semi-Shade.
Soil: sandy, well-drained soil.
Water: Little Water.
Growth Rate: Slow.
Flower Color: White, Green.
Gardening tips: Any flowers should be removed as they release a sticky, honey-like substance. Water sparingly. Let the soil dry between waterings. Give a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer about once a month. (Visit Fertilizer section to get yours!).

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H:10cm – Pot size: 14cm


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