African Milk Tree
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African Milk Tree


Scientific Name: Euphorbia Trigona
If you would like a low-maintenance, beautifully exotic houseplant that looks tropical, this ones for you. It just may be the easiest to care for plant you have ever owned. It’s possibly been the most forgiving plant you have ever owned too. Although it resembles one, the African milk tree is not a cactus at all, nor is it a bush or a tree either. It’s a succulent plant native to Africa. The plant has thick, three-sided stalks with spines along its edges. Cactus-like branches, or arms, that grow upright from the sides of the stalks. Small leaves cover the edges and ends of the actively growing stalks and arms. It is a lush green plant with lighter green striations through the stalks.
– Max. Height: 245 cm

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Other Common Names: African milk bush, candelabra cactus, cathedral cactus, friendship cactus, good luck plant, good luck cactus.
Sunlight: Euphorbia trigona love bright sunlight. A south-facing window is an ideal location to place it, though an east or west window will also work. They require at least four hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day.
Water: Euphorbia Trigona like to dry out between waterings. You can put your finger (or you could use a pencil) about an inch into the soil, if it’s damp, you can wait on watering; if it’s dry, you know it’s time to water again.6j
Soil: Loam, Sand
Gardening tips: Feed the African milk tree 2 or 3 times monthly throughout the growing season, from early April through early October. Use an all-purpose fertilizer. Don’t fertilize this plant when it’s not actively growing. (open Fertilizer section to get yours).

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Height: 1 m, Height: 1.5 m, Height: 40 cm


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