Angel’s Wings
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Angel’s Wings


Scientific Name: Opuntia Microdasys
This plant has large, yellow, waxy, multi-petaled flowers. The flowers age to peach. Small bulbous pulpy fruits follow, ripening red. Its fuzzy pads and relatively compact growth make bunny ears pricklypear a popular potted specimen both indoors and out. It also is an excellent garden plant where hardy. Because of the deceptively soft visual texture of this plant, be doubly careful to keep it away from children.
-Max. Height: 92 cm
-Max. Width: 1.5 m

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Other Common Names: Bunny Ears Pricklypear
Sunlight: Full sun
Water: Moderate, Low
Soil: A well-drained soil mix, Sand
Growth Rate: Slow
Flowering Period: Spring
Flower Color: Yellow, Peach
Fruit Color: Red
Country of Origin: Mexico
Habit: Perennial
Gardening Tips: Prune only to remove wayward, dead, diseased, or top-heavy growth.

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