Annual Purple Fountain Grass
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Annual Purple Fountain Grass


Scientific Name: Pennisetum Rubrum
There are several reasons why this ornamental grass is so popular; it's easy, tough and truly beautiful. Purple fountain grass is an attractive warm-season perennial or tender perennial that makes a great addition to sunny borders. Early in the season it forms graceful, upright to arching clumps of slender purple-red and green blades. From midsummer to fall, it produces many long, drooping plumes of soft rose-pink flowers.
– Max. Height: 1.5 m
– Max. Width: 61 cm

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Sunlight: Full sun
Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand
Water: Moderate, Low
Growth Rate: Fast
Flowering Period: Summer, Fall
Flower Color: Light pink
Flower Scent: No fragrance
Fruit Color: Sandy brown
Country of Origin: Middle Africa, Iraq, Southern Asia, Western Asia
Gardening Tips: Feed the plant every two weeks with mild liquid fertilizer.

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