Baby Rubber Plant
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Baby Rubber Plant


Scientific Name: Peperomia
Peperomia are very interesting plants, they are an attractive addition to a desk, a table or as a member of your houseplant collection. Peperomias are popular house plants due to their attractively patterned leaves and tolerance to low light levels. These generally succulent plants tend to have fleshy leaves and stout stems. They also used as climbers to give a great appearance. Leaf color may be light or deep green with variegated markings of white, cream, yellow, pink or red. The flowers of Peperomia are minute and packed tightly on slender or cone-shaped spikes. Generally the peperomia plant is an easy to grow and care plant.
– Max. Height: 30.5 cm
– Max. Height: 25.5 cm

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Other Common Names: Radiator Plant
Sunlight: Partial Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade
Water: Water Peperomia houseplants sparingly and allow the soil to dry as deep as 5 inches between waterings.
Soil: Loam, Sand
Growth Rate: Fast
Flower Color: Light Green
Fruit Color: Brown
Flower Scent: No fragrance
Fruit Scent: No fragrance
Country of origin: Caribbean, South America
Gardening tips: If your peperomia plants are wilting, in spite of regular watering, the plant is likely not getting enough oxygen to the roots. Fertilize occasionally with a balanced houseplant food after watering. Leach the plant in summer by flushing with water to remove the salts left behind by fertilization (Get your Fertilizer Now).

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Hang – Pot size: 14 cm


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