Baby Sunrose
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Baby Sunrose


Scientific Name: Aptenia Cordifolia
The small, heart-shaped leaves of baby sun rose contrast with its magenta-red, daisy-like flowers. This tender, succulent, creeping evergreen perennial has heart-shaped, bright green leaves which covered in very tiny hairs.
-Max. Height: 7.6 cm
-Max. Width: 61 cm

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Other Common Names: Dew plant, Heart leaf ice plant, Heart leaf ice plant
Sunlight: Partial Sun
Water: Moderate, Low
Soil: Loam, Sand
Growth Rate: Fast
Flowering Period: Spring, Summer
Flower Color: Light Yellow, Magenta, Violet
Fruit Color: Green
Country of Origin: Southern Africa
Habit: Perennial
Gardening Tips: No pruning at all.

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