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Scientific Name: Rhamnus
This sacred tree is considered the most important tree at all for producing honey. This honey has several merits and fragrant smell. This tree is planted for garnish, shade and its sweet fruits.
-Max. Height: 23 m
-Max. Width: 15 m

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Sunlight: Full sun
Water: The key to getting your new shrub or tree off to a good start is moisture. Water thoroughly after planting, and keep a close eye on the plant over the following week. Then, give it a good soaking once a week during summer, unless rainfall is plentiful (more than 1in per week). Established plants can generally get by on less water, but most grow best if the soil remains evenly moist. Please note that more is not better. When in doubt, don’t water.
Soil: Clay, Loam
Flowering Period: Spring, Summer
Country of Origin: Tropical Africa, Southern and Western Asia
Habit: 25-50 years
Gardening Tips: Needs little pruning except to remove dead or broken branches in late fall. No serious disease problems.

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