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Chinese Evergreen


Scientific Name: Aglaonema Crispum
The Silver Queen has attractive, 15-30 cm, gray-green, lance-shaped leaves marked with silver. It’s a very popular houseplant and garden plant for warm shade gardens. It also acts as an excellent air purifier.
– Max. Height: 61 cm
– Max. Width: 61 cm

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Other Common Names: Silver Queen
Sunlight: Semi-shade to shade
Soil: Loam
Water: Moderate
Growth Rate: Medium
Flowering Period: late summer or early fall
Flower Color: White, Light Green
Fruit Color: Red
Country of origin: Southeastern Asia
Gardening tips: Keep moist with soft, tepid water during active growth season, less in winter. Feed every two weeks with diluted liquid fertilizer (Open Fertilizer section to get yours). Avoid misting, which causes leaf spots.

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Height / Pot Size:

20 to 25 cm – Pot size: 16 cm, 25 to 30cm – Pot size: 20 cm, Pot size: 14 cm, Pot size: 30 cm


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