Classic Pruning Lopper “Gardena”
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Classic Pruning Lopper “Gardena”


Technical Specifications:
– Maximum cutting diameter: 35mm
– Length: 68cm
– Cutting type: Bypass
– Blade: Precision-ground
A clean and smooth cut: The precision-ground, non-stick upper blade and the superb cutting geometry permit exceptionally smooth, clean cutting of branches with optimum force transmission.
Comfort and safety: The sturdy lever arms and the ergonomically shaped handles with non-slip end stops and special forefinger support guarantee easy handling and safe work.
Comfortable work: The new absorber stop buffer system with the large, one-sided buffer is gentle on your wrists.
25-year warranty: The Classic Pruning Lopper, made in Germany of sturdy materials, has a warranty of 25 years.


The GARDENA Classic Pruning Lopper 680B with a total length of 680 mm is a classic bypass Pruning Lopper for cutting fresh wood to a max. branch diameter of approx. 35 mm. Thanks to the precision-ground, non-stick upper blade and the tried and tested cutting geometry for optimum force transmission, it is possible to obtain an exceptionally smooth, clean cut. The sturdy, drop-shaped steel lever arms permit comfortable and safe work. Thanks to the superb lever action, less force is required when cutting. The ergonomically-shaped handles with special forefinger support permit a secure grip and comfortable work. Together with the soft components made of special plastic with optimised grip, they provide a guarantee for convenient and safe handling.In addition, the new absorber stop buffer system with the large, one-sided buffer protects your wrists. GARDENA provides a warranty of 25 years on these Pruning Loppers.


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