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Scientific Name: Cleistocactus
This plant produces numerous narrow diameter columnar branches bearing 5 to 30 low ribs. They bearing dense spines and hairs which may help to protect both from high UV light and insulation from cold. Branches most often stem from the base of the plant producing a sizable clumps at maturity. The flowers are born on the upper parts of each cylinder, buds opening at 90 degrees to the vertical stems. These vary in color with shades from red to yellow and some even bear a greenish bloom.
-Max. Height: 1.8 m
-Max. Width: 0.6 m

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Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
Water: Moderate, Low
Soil: A well-drained soil mix, Sand
Growth Rate: Medium
Flowering Period: Spring, Summer
Flower Color: Red, Salmon, Dark Red
Fruit Color: Red
Country of Origin: South America, Argentina
Habit: Perennial
Gardening Tips: Prune only to remove wayward, dead, diseased, or top-heavy growth.

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14 cm, 38 cm


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