Fast Growing Trees Set (4 Pieces)
    leyland cypress
  • clumping bamboo
  • river red gum
  • gum arabic tree

Fast Growing Trees Set (4 Pieces)


The set consists of:
– Leyland Cypress (Pot size: 30 cm)
– River Red Gum (Height: Approx. 1 m)
– Clumping Bamboo (Pot size: 40 cm)
– Gum-Arabic Tree (Height: Approx. 1 m)

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When you’re starting your garden it can seem discouraging at how long it takes for some trees to grow. Mashtal Garden Centers has created a set of fast growing trees to help make your garden lush and green as quickly as possible.
The set consists of:
– Leyland Cypress (Cupressus Leylandii): A very fast growing evergreen tree that grows rapidly into a large mature tree.
– River Red Gum (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis): A large tree with a rapid growth rate and it has a nice spicy scent.
– Clumping Bamboo (Fargesia Rufa): A relatively fast growing tree with attractive green leaves.
– Gum-Arabic Tree (Acacia Arabica): An attractive tree with relatively fast growth rate.


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