Fiddle-leaf Fig
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Fiddle-leaf Fig

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Scientific Name: Ficus Lyrata
The Ficus lyrata is a perfect indoor specimen plant as it can withstand low light level. Ficus lyrata has a large, thick, glossy green fiddle or lyre-shaped leaves. In warm locations, fiddle leaf fig tree becomes a large, spreading tree with aerial roots which quickly become small trunks and it will grow into a large shade tree. Place fiddle leaf figs in areas of medium light inside and at least partial sun outdoors. Water only when dry.
-Max. Height: 15.2 m
-Max. Width: 10.7 m

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Sunlight: Full to part sun
Water: Low, Moderate
Soil: Loam, Sand
Flower Color: Green
Fruit Color: White, Green
Flower Scent: No fragrance
Country of Origin: Tropical western and central Africa
Habit: 25-50 years
Gardening Tips: Pruning is needed to develop a strong structure.

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25 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm


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