Leyland Cypress
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Leyland Cypress


Scientific Name: Cupressus Leylandii

Other Common names: Gold rider leyland cypress
A very fast-growing, tall tree with feathery green yellowish dense foliage hides much of the trunk. The bark is red-grey with ridges, and twigs are slender, brown and flexible. It has scale-like, soft and overlapping leaves form in flat sprays on long stalks. Flowers of the leyland cypress are small and brown ball-shaped cones and each scale has a central spine.
-Max. Height: 40 m
-Max. Width: 5 m

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Sunlight: Full to part sun
Water: Moderate
Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand
Flowering Period: Spring
Country of Origin: Hybird origin
Habit: More than 50
Gardening Tips: Pruning is little needed to develop a strong structure. It must be regularly trimmed or it will outgrow its space.

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Pot Size

Pot size: 30 cm – Height: 80 cm to 100 cm, Pot size: 50 cm – Height: 1.5 m, Pot Size: 60 cm – Height:2m


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