Mother’s Day Set (14 Pieces)
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Mother’s Day Set (14 Pieces)


Thank your Mom for all the sacrifices she’s made and send her a beautiful and unique mothers day plant set!
Place your order now and we’ll deliver it to her doorstep.

The set includes 13 plants & 1 spray bottle:

  • Herbs: Rosemary -14 cm / Basil – 14 cm / Lemongrass – 14 cm


  • Air purifying Plants: Snake Plant – 14 cm / Spider Plant – 12 cm / Areca Palm – 30 cm / Gardenia – 14 cm


  • Ornamental Plants: Coleus – 20 cm / Lipstick Plant -14 cm / Campfire – 12 cm / Tree Aeonium -14 cm


  • Fruit Tree: Eureka Lemon


  • 1L Spray Bottle

* The product image above is a generic image of this product. Delivered product may not be identical to the product image on this page.
* Each Plant comes in a plain black plastic pot with its saucer, For more pots varieties please check our Pots & Planters section.


All these years, you kept asking and your Mom kept giving. Now, it’s time to be grateful to her and start giving back with a unique gift. Order the “14 Piece Gift Set” now and we will deliver it to her doorstep.
The set set consists of:
– 1 Rosemary Plant: A wonderful kitchen herb that requires only the most basic care in order to fills a garden with aroma, flavor, and activity. It also known as a symbol of remembrance and love.
– 1 Basil Plant: Basil is great for adding a fresh touch to any dish or cocktail, and now you can have it fresh right in your home!
– 1 Lemongrass Plant: A great herb for oriental cooking. Say goodbye to shriveled overpriced sticks and use your own fresh lemon grass every time you cook.
– 1 Snake Plant: It can survive the harshest conditions and thrives in almost any light. This one is also a great air purifier. It has modern and elegant look that will add a touch of style to any space in the home.
– 1 Spider Plant: A great air purifier and easy to grow house plant.
– 1 Areca Palm: Areca palm will make a lasting impression and it’s a great way to bring a bit of exotic greenery into your home. This plant will not only spruce up the decor but will freshen up the air to breathe in as well.
– 1 Gardenia Plant: Gardenia is a lovely houseplant and it’s known for its ability to perk up a room with aroma.
– 2 Coleus Plants: A marvelous plant which has various shades of green on the leaves.
– 1 Lipstick Plant: A very beautiful house plant with red flowers that will add a splash of color and a tropical touch to any room.
– 1 Campfire Plant: It’s a colorful branching succulent plant with fleshy propeller-like leaves that mature from light green to bright red.
– 1 Tree Aeonium Plant: An architecturally interesting succulent for home color and texture.
– 1 Eureka Lemon: A lovely tree that make a great stand alone feature indoors in the winter and on a patio or in a bright room in the summer.
– 1 Watering Spray: A 1L spray for all watering purposes.


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