Pre-Potted English Ivy Set

Pre-Potted English Ivy Set


Purchase now our beautiful combination of macrame hanger, handmade terracotta clay pot and the resilient English Ivy plant, The Set is customized to be used indoor to decorate your inside place.

The set consists of :

1- Clay Pot 20cm

2-  Macrame Hanger Height: 85cm –

3-  English Ivy Plant

* Macrame’s Colour and shape change depending on availability of fabrics.


Scientific Name: Hedera Helix
English ivy is a hardy, evergreen vine; it attaches itself by aerial rootlets to masonry walls and other surfaces. The english ivy plant has glossy, dark green leaves. Vigorous and easy to grow, English ivy can tolerate full sun to shade, though partial shade is recommended in hot climates, and prefers fertile soil with good drainage. It’s one of the plants which are playing a great role in air purifying.

Sunlight: Semi-sun to semi-shade
Water: Medium
Soil: Clay, Sand, Loam
Growth Rate: Very Fast


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