Rose Bush
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Rose Bush


Scientific name: Rosa damascena

Also known as Old Castilian and Alexandria Rose, is a rose hybrid derived from Rosa gallica, Rosa moschata and Rosa fedtschenkoana.

The roses are a light to moderate pink to light red and known for their  fine fragrance,The flower petals are also sometimes used directly to flavor food or to make tea and are considered safe for human consumption.

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Light: Cultivation of rose plantation should be taken up in full sunlight,, away from trees or hedges so that it gets sun shine at least during the whole forenoon. It.can be cultivated on leveled field, medium to high degree sloppy hills and terraces.

Temperature: A mild temperate climate is best” suited for Rosa Damascena. Temperature ranging from 0 to 5°C for a period of about 15 days prior to start of blooming enhances the quantity as well as quality of flowers. At the time
of flowering, the temperature should be between 25 to 30°C and relative humidity above 60%. High air humidity above  60% and moderate temperature of 15- 20°C gives more flower yield. Rosa damascena can be cultivated even in areas with high temperatures but flower yields are very low in comparison to those plants cultivated in temperate climatic conditions.

Soil: The roses flourish well at the foot hills. It withstands wide range of soil pH conditions from 6 to 8 and silty clay loam to sandy loam soils.

Watering: Irrigation is necessary in rose plantation at the frequency of 12-15 days during peak periods. However, when plants are established properly after two years, frequency of irrigation may be reduced. Proper drainage in the field is very essential to drain out the excessive rain water from the plantations.

Feeding: The quantity of fertilizers and manures should be applied on soil test basis considering various factors like basic fertility of soil, organic content, soil texture, moisture supply, soil pH etc.

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