Scented Plants Set (3 Pieces)

Scented Plants Set (3 Pieces)


Add a lovely sweet scent to your garden. Enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of sitting near to or walking around scented plants.

The set consists of:
– Queen of Night (Pot size: 40 cm)
– Arabian jasmine (Pot size: 30 cm)
– Lavender (Pot size: 12 cm)

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* Each Plant comes in a plain black plastic pot with its saucer, For more pots varieties please check our Pots & Planters section.


Scented plants add a special touch to the garden, creating a sense of romance and a special kind of beauty. Scent can take us back to childhood, or call up a memory of a special place. Order our scented plants set to add character to your garden.
The set consists of:
– Queen of Night (Cestrum Nocturnum): With fragrant flowers, Queen of night can add a touch of scented charm to your garden.
– Arabian jasmine (Jasminum Sambac): It is a bushy vine with shiny dark green leaves and fragrant little white flowers. Definitely you will enjoy the delicious aroma rising from the Arabian jasmine.
– Lavender (Lavandula): The darker the lavender, the deeper the aroma, the more fragrant your garden. Both the flowers and the foliage of this plant produce perfumes. Enjoy their intense aroma throughout the summer. If you want to prevent stress, anxiety and depression you must plant this beautiful herb at your garden as its scent has a magical effect on removing these feelings.


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