Trailing Mauve Daisy

Trailing Mauve Daisy


Scientific name: Dimorphotheca jucunda.

Also known as Trailing Pink daisy, Dimorphotheca is a perennial herb growing from an woody rootstock. The above-ground stems are erect or sprawling, The flowering heads are large, solitary and borne terminally on long, nude peduncles. The ray florets are magenta-pink or purple above, orange or coppery below. The disc florets are dark purple or yellow tipped blackish.

Pot Size: 16cm.

* Each Plant comes in a plain black plastic pot with its saucer, For more pots varieties please check our Pots & Planters section.

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Complete the look

 Full sunlight.
 Water wise
 Early summer
 Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands
 Grassland, Rocky outcrops


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