Weeping Fig
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Weeping Fig


Scientific Name: Ficus Benjamina
A large evergreen tree and a very attractive houseplant. It has glossy, attractive leaves. The inconspicuous flowers bloom in spring and are followed by small fruit that may be orange, pink, or red. A very small, non-stinging wasp is required for pollination and fertile fruit.
-Max. Height: 61 m
-Max. Width: 38 m

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Other Common Names: Benjamin Fig
Sunlight: Full to part sun and partial shade
Water: Moderate
Soil: Clay, Sand
Flowering Period: Spring
Flower Scent: No fragrance
Fruit Color: Yellow, Red, Green, Pink, Orange Red, Black
Country of Origin: South and southeastern Asia to northern Australia
Habit: More than 50
Gardening Tips: Pruning is needed to develop a strong structure. Watering from a hose or sprinkler ( open Irrigation section).

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Height / Pot Size:

120/140cm- pot size30 cm, 140/160cm- pot size 35cm, 160/180cm- pot size40 cm, 75/100cm- pot size 25cm


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