Be-still Tree (Thevetia)
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Be-still Tree (Thevetia)


Scientific Name: Cascabela Thevetia
Cascabela thevetia is an evergreen tropical shrub or small tree that bears yellow or orange-yellow, trumpet like flowers and its fruit is deep red/black in color encasing a large seed.
– Max. Height: 244 cm
– Max. Width: 152.4 cm

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Other Common Names: Captain Cook tree, Cook tree, Dicky plant, Foreigner’s tree, Lucky nut, Luckynut, Mexican oleander, Still tree, Yellow oleander
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
Water: Moderate
Soil: Well Drained, Loam, Sand
Maintenance: Low
Flowering Period: Flowering occurs throughout the year, but mostly during summer and autumn
Flower Color: Yellow
Flower Scent: Fragrant
Country of Origin: West Indies, southern Mexico and Belize
Habit: Perennial
Gardening Tips: Slow-release fertilizer in spring. Prune to maintain desired shape. (Order your Fertilizer Now!)

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