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Scientific Name: Euphorbia Milii
This thorny plant has some of the showiest flowers of all the Euphorbias. Crown-of-thorns is a tropical, succulent shrub that stays evergreen year-round where hardy. From spring to late summer it produces many flowers with two showy bracts that are most typically scarlet red.
-Max. Height: 1.2 m
-Max. Width: 61 cm

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Sunlight: Full Sun
Water: Moderate
Soil: Loam, Sand
Growth Rate: Fast
Flowering Period: Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer
Flower Color: Red
Flower Scent: No fragrance
Country of Origin: Madagascar
Gardening Tips: Wear thick gloves when handling this plant — those thorns are sharp! Also, watch out for its toxic, milky sap, which can irritate your skin, eyes and mouth.

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